A PEOM: That is not who I am

I love this write up/mantra/poem from Karen, I just had to share. Click on the link below to explore her website and more of her writings.

I am a woman but being a woman is not who I am

I have a job, but my job isn’t who I am

I have a family, but my family isn’t who I am

I have a body, but my body isn’t who I am

I have a country, but my country isn’t who I am

I have beliefs, but my beliefs aren’t who I am

I have thoughts and opinions, but they are not who I am

I have a personality , but this isn’t who I am

I own things, but my things are not who I am

Who am I then?

I AM ME being aware that I am not all that.

Poem by K.Wilson,



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  • write like no one is reading blog

    I love this poem, it makes me thinking of what I was learning at yoga practice about the three states of mind. And there is one state of mind which is all about clarity and calm, and you can only achieve this state of mind by having the absence of the raising/restless mind and the lethargic
    /slow brain.

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