Downward Dog and Two Paracetamol

So tonight, I finally actually, really did it. not just a bit of Mudra Bunda while driving to work in the car, but for about a whole 10 mins, I practiced YOGA! Im meant to of been practicing every single day for for around 8 weeks. But my mind and body have just not wanted to. But this evening at around 23:30 hours, after my long warm shower while listening to a Kapha YouTube tracks, I came out of the shower, and was wafting my bits around to dry off, and I found myself in warrior one. Then a gentle slow sequence followed, staying in positions for around 5 breaths. It felt fab, that I just had to write it down…and…well I am also meant to not only be practicing yoga everyday but also keeping a daily yoga journal. oops! better late than never, which is me all over.

A few things I learn tonight:

  • I liked practicing in the centre of my flat, I liked that I could see into every room, it made me feel secure in my practice.
  • I think having the shower with the music playing helped slow my brain and body down a little, and also calm my nerves and heart down a little.
  • I think being naked helped, as I felt free, as I was not pulling or adjusting clothes as the ride up, or slip off or expose the bits of me I don’t like. All of me was out and it felt good.
  • I also think being tired helped, I am one of those types of people that has a brain whizzing at 1000 miles an hour, and even when I am doing one task, I am constantly contemplating weather I should be or not, or which task I should do next in which order to save time or money  or or or or or or or or or or or or or!!!!
  • That it felt good. Even though my thrush is making my labia look like the snow capped himalayas! ouchy!
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