ADSD (Attention Deficit Sloth Disorder)

ADSD is something I made up this evening (as if you couldn’t of guessed!). I have such a wondering mind, a flittering mind, an anxious mind, a confused mind, a forgetful mind, a non focused mind it drives me mad and exhorts me and I guess it must do others around me too. I forget that I have chosen a way of eating, done the research, brought the book, read the blogs and made the decision. Then a week alter I get this bright idea that I need to be following the anti candida diet and go through the full rigmarole again. Only when I start to get dajavou that I have seen this blog before that I realise I have already been through this. What a bloody waste of my time! how is my brain even functioning to get me through the day!?? …Well its not is it!


I dont remembrer to brush my teeth or eat breakfast or shower in the mornings, and well if I do something comes along in my brain and distracts me. It can be as simple as walking round the house brushing my teeth, I see an un opened letter, I open it, then I am opening up my laptop to action the letter, then I open up Facebook, then I open up a new article, then I am late for work. Teeth still not brushed and letter still not actioned. THIS IS THE STORY OF MY LIFE.



UPDATE: (30/11/17) This year after my Goa trip I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which explains a lot why my brain fog was effecting me so much. Meditation, leaving my corporate job and changing my diet is greatly helping. Also going Vegan has had a massive impact on my health improving

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