Its Bloody Hard!!!

Date: 21-3-2017

Time of practice: 8:00am

What I had eaten: Diddly squat! I am finding that I like to practice on an empty stomach.

Mood before: Tired (just woken up 3o mins before hand), but looking forward to the day

Mood after: Thoughtful, tired, nervous about the next yoga session 9it was bloody hard!)

Endo before: No symptoms apart from fatigue and slight sun headache, but thats to be expected from the jet lag and ALL THE SUNSHINE I AM GETTING ๐Ÿ™‚ !!

Endo after: Endo fine, but the back twinges I was having while sat on the floor had gone. Neck and shoulders still very sore.

Nadi yogaThis morning was the first yoga session of the course, and Gagori says its called Nadi Yoga, apparently its an accent form of Tibetan Buddhist Yoga. Its bloody nuts! Not nuts as in a hard core Bikrahm flow or a fast Ashtanga flow, but nuts as we held our arms about our heads for 20 mins at a time. So you start standing, raising the arms facing in, above the head, then stand with kneed slightly bent for 15 breaths, then bend to the right for 15 more breaths, then to the middle for 15, then to the left for 15, then back for 15, then forward for 15. And words can’t explain the amount of quivering legs, arms, and pain faces that were going on in the room. Many a sigh, groan, and nervous giggle could be heard. Then we went down to sitting pose and meditated, then repeated the sequence again. And that filled the whole hour. It was the strongest and most emotionally provoking flow I have ever done.

After the yoga torture we talked about how you can feel the energy moving round the body and she’s right, you could feel it, its crazy stuff.

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