Rude Awakenings


Date: 22-3-2017

Time of practice: 8:00am

What I had eaten: Empty tummy
Mood before: Tired (woken up 45 mins before hand), I think jet lag is still at play

Mood after: Thoughtful, sad, relieved

Endo before: OK, my hips haven’t been clicking but I am so stiff, I feel like I am seeing up more and more every day

Endo after: Endo fine, I think todays poses engaged the core which I find is always good for my endo

Soooo, todays session followed the same slow and painful approach to yesterdays, but this time it was sitting poses for the back (this is what our yoga teacher calls them, she does not say the name of the pose in sanskrit). We started sat down legs out straight in front, backs straight, then we raised our arms above our heads and bent forward, then back up, then to the left, then to the right, then centre, then forward then back, then centre, then arms down, holding each new posture change for 15 long slow breaths. Then arms down and meditate, then repeat, meaning you do two rounds lasting 1 hour in total.

I must say that this whole embracing the pain malarkie is going against my instinct. With the old endo, ado and now possibly fibro, I have trained my body over the years to do everything in its power to reduce the pain, not provoke it, which is leading to me struggling a little bit with this type of yoga. And for some annoying reason all I could think about was when I had I think my second to last operation for the endo, and I woke up near the end of my surgery, still with the breathing tube down my throat, and the pain was horrendous, and I was struggling to tell them I was awake or get their attention as I couldn’t talk (tube down throat makes this very hard), and it was actually quite traumatic. I like to keep these experiences berried deep preferably, but this bloody yoga and Goa wont let that happen!

P.S. When I am writing this I can hear monkeys and many birds in the trees making the Goan dawn corous sounds, its lush!

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