Yoga and Delhi Belly

Date: 23-3-2017
Time of practice: 8:00am
What I had eaten: Empty tummy (not only as I don’t eat now before yoga or before 9am, but because I had the pleasure of being acquired with Delhi Belly for the first time, and to say my tummy is empty and broken is un understatement!)
Mood before: Awake, but feeling week as I had been up all night with tummy cramps
Mood after: Happy, pleased with myself and optimistic
Endo before: Slight cramping, I find that because my reproductive organs are wonderfully stick together with endo tissues and scare tissues (from having the wrong type of surgery-thank you Dr Iftikar!), that when one part of that area of my body is aggravated, i.e. my bowel in this case, then it sets off the rest of that area, leading to endo cramping, lower back pain, inflamed tummy, and my hips have started to click and I sound like a broken kids toy when I walk in the mornings.
Endo after: It was OK, I could not notice the Delhi belly or endo during yoga as my arms were in so much pain, but I noticed it slip back after an hour or two. But I am OK with that. I think I am replacing one pain with another in this mornings yoga.

Also I think I am slowly getting better and harnessing the pain, and not lowering my arms and its leading to me nearrrrly being able to meditate, so I am embracing it now, as even though I am not quite there yet with the meditations, where I am getting too feels lovely, and peaceful and floaty and I want me some more of that! Also I think it helped that we did it out side on the hill top, which was so lovely listening to all the birds, monkeys, the ocean and the world waking up at the same time, it helped my mind focus on that and not drift off into my latest thought train of ‘what is my purpose in life’ ? Aaaaarrhhhhh not an easy question to find the answer too!

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