I am starting to feel good

Date: 24-3-2017

Time of practice: 8:00am

What I had eaten: Empty tummy

Mood before: Had a rough nights sleep as all the little critter who could bite you in Goa have taken a lovely chomp out of my legs the night before and its keeping me up in the night.

Mood after: Blissed out, I love Hatha Yoga

Endo before: Endo was fine, although my muscles are aching more and more each day, I feel like I am turning into a stiff robot! however… I am loosing weight which is good, I am slowly feeling better in my body, more me.

Endo after: Endo had been a little aggravated during the start of the flow when we did a Kundalini move, it felt like my organs were being stretched and moved in a way they hadn’t for a while. but I think and feel that this is a good thing, bit like an internal massage for them. It was uncomfortable at the time, and since I have felt some endo clunks and movements (endo sisters will know what this feels like-its like your reproductive organs and dropping, or falling onto another organ), I like to think that this is them coming unstuck from one another and finding their new place in my body. *Note to self, maybe I should start my morning this way with some gentle Kundalini, might be good for the endo, then move into a Hatha flow for the rest of my body.

Thoughts: No thoughts this morning, I just really enjoyed it. And I am going to give this YouTube vid a go tomorrow


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