Time for A Lifestyle Change

Date: 27-3-2017

Time of practice: 8:00am

What I had eaten: Empty tummy

Mood before: OK

Mood after: Feeling good

Endo before: Feeling poop as I drank my first two coffees on Sunday and had my first naught piece of sugar (in the scrumptious form of a chocolate orange brownie with ice cream). Which has then combined with another coffee, a sleepless night, skipped dinner and my first tummy massage, resulted in pain, chronic fatigue, muscle ache, and so on and so on. So now I am back taking pain killers. but its been an interesting experiment on myself, it shows just how impactful my old lifestyle habits are on my health, and that was just in two small doses!

Endo after: Its ok, not wonderful, but ok (Update: my teacher told me that actually its not OK, that having daily pain is not OK, its all not OK. I am so used to saying that I am in pain, but its OK, as I don’t like the fuss or attention it brings. But its really not OK, to be popping daily pain killers and still being in pain, ITS NOT OK! This has been quiet a revolution for me).

Thoughts: My brain was on over drive! all I could observe was how nuts it was running around, like a looney brain! I think this is due to everything I mentioned above.

Also I am going to start changing up the format of these yoga journals, to bring into the mix all that I am learning on the Ayurvedic course. So diet, hours of sleep, yoga, morning routine, and daily exercise, and see how these new changes I am making and the regular yoga self practice I am doing (need to step it up a gear as our teacher is slowly not holding the classes in the morning as we have a lot of theory to learn). I am finding out what my dosha (my constitution) is tomorrow, so I will write up your 2nd lesson in Ayuverda and use my dosha as an example. Have a good day and I hope that this can inspire some healthy wonderlust x


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