Goa Yoga and Killer Coffee

Date: 28-3-2017 & 29-3-2017

Thoughts: Focused on the realisation, that even my old lifestyle in small doses (via coffee, stress, over sleeping, over eating sweet foods, can all make such a quick and drastic negative change so quickly).

killer coffee 2

Diet: Coffee had made its way back in (not my normal 15 ish cups a day) but still I can see a direct link to my pain and fatigue coming back into my life, not to mention the bloating and pain. Drinking water but not enough, and eating curry and Indian porridge, but this is all wrong for my Kapha aggravation, so I am going to put more of an effort in to read up on the diet and get this change right. Also I have had a sugary dessert most evenings (not so good either!). 

killer cafe

Sleep: not good on either night, lots on my mind, restless, too hot, mind monkey going nuts! Having weird vivid dreams.

Morning routine: Woke at 7, washed face, took shot of Goosbury juice (its and Ayurvedic thing-advised for my Kapha aggrivation), drank water, brushed teeth and went to yoga for 8am.

Yoga: 1 hour of Nadi Yoga in the morning

Time of practice: 8:00am

What I had eaten: Empty tummy

Exercise: Nada, except walking to get food and to the beach

Mood before: OK

Mood after: Feeling good

Endo before: Daily pain is increasing, fatigue is increasing slowly, and I am slipping back into my old habits (dreaming and thinking about work- feeling stressed)

Endo after: Its ok, not wonderful, but ok, still feel oober tired

*Now I am not saying coffee can actually kill you, but its all about balance, moderation and listening to how a food, drink and people make you feel. I have now switched up my 10-15 cups of coffee to decaf and herbal tea. This is my fave coffee, mug and cafatier, I cant get enough of the Brown Bottle Organic, decaf coffee. Yes you read it right, organic, fair trade and decaf, and…scrumptious! You see this whole putting yourself first thing, in turn helps others!




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