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I write this as I am sat on the bog in my little room in Goa. Wrapped in my towel, fresh from the shower….but with the shits! I got my first endo period  today, since being in Goa, and I thought with all the healthy changes Iv been making, that this next endo period would be a good one (as good as a period can be). But instead (FYI, apologies if this post is a little TMI for you), I have a really week period, but massive lower back pain, swollen endo belly, and a bout of IBS, that even the king of IBS land would be proud off!


But the most annoying thing of it all is, that I am meant to be in class right now, not sat on the loo in pain, in my towel writing this post (yep still sat on the loo). This is my last week of Ayurvedic school this week, and I have another practical tomorrow, another Friday and an exam to revise and practice for. I do not need to be sat staring at the pretty pink tiling in the bathroom. Aaarrrhhhhh I am annoyed!…and empty! literally empty!

I suppose, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and its taken me 20 years of ill helath to build up my endo and ado disease to where it is now, so its not going to fully go away after 3 weeks of trying to make it better. Patience is a virtue!

I am off to pop another Imodium (they don’t seem to be working though!), and some pain killers, and try and sleep through it, while listening to a YouTube vid on Ayurveda, to hope that subliminally I am able to still revise in my sleep.

Have a lovely day all xx

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