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Ayurveda Shopping List

I have created this post (I will keep adding to it), to help you all in your Ayurveda online shopping (I know what a minefield it can be). I have divided them into the three Doshas for ease and created one overarching header for general Ayurveda shopping which will be useful for all.

Ayurveda Book Recommendations


Turmeric and Black Pepper organic capsules are good for reducing excess Kapha in the body. They will help with symptoms of Fibromyalgia, aching slow muscles, chronic fatigue, and general all over body pain.

Amla Juice is great for increasing the metabolism, getting your Pitta going again and aiding weight loss. Drink first thing in the morning before anything else.




Organic Sesame Oil is good for all Doshas for Self Abayanga (daily massage). Kapha massage once a week, Pitta every other day and Vata every day. Also for those who are having Vata joint problems is good to warm the oil up and directly massage onto your joints and leave for 30 minuets.

Turmeric Tea works wonders for Vata aggravated joints.

Turmeric and Black Pepper organic capsules are brilliant for balancing an aggravated Vata. They will help with joints and brain fog and fatigue and help get your Pitta going again to help you regain balance.





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