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ENDO EATS: Le Moulin Crepe

To Eat

Gluten Free Apple Crepe + Soda Water



The crepe was simple and sweet (like me haha!), just what it said it would be on the menu and just what I needed-a simple sugar boost on my last day in Bali which won’t set my Endo going nuts before I fly. It was presented lovely and I love the plate it was on (if i had a bigger hand bag I would of tried to sneak it out!).

It was reasonably priced too at 18,000 IDR. I have seen similar menus where they are charging 40k+ which I think is nuts!


The Vibe

There was no power when I visited so I really felt for them. Really happy and kind staff who managed really well to keep open considering there was no power, which also equals no air con or fans! I was literally sat there with the sweat running down me like a human waterfall! But on the plus side, think how much I was detoxing my body at the same time!

It’s a really cool open plan place, with communal tables and a row of sofa type benches and wooden tables and chairs, which were really comfy to sit on as I sometimes find with endo that sitting on hard seats can cause me discomfort. There was also big lush REAL plants and bare brick walls and lots of natural light coming in which is always good for making you feel relaxed. It kinda felt like a Parisian/New York kinda cafe/bar vibe.

On the down side its on the side of a really busy road, so when I was there as there was no power the doors were open to allow the air to move, but it made it really noisy and the traffic fumes just flooded in.


The Rating

2 Endo Warrior Queen Crowns for the menu as there wasn’t much we EWQ could choose which was 100% endo healing friendly.

4 Endo Warrior Queen Crowns for the vibe. I would defiantly come back here when they have power and I think it would then get 5 crowns when I can see it in full flow with power, AC, music etc and see how that changes the vibe.

5 Endo Warrior Queen Crowns for service. The staff were so lovely and accommodating for the lack of power and really made a big effort to make up for this. We also all chatted about Endo and period health/diet and it was lovely to speak with such interested people both guys and girls. 


Thank you for such a warm welcome Le Moulin Creperie xx

Find Them Here

Ubud & Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

 Face Book @LeMoulinUbud

Instagram  @le_moulin_creperie 

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