Endo diet Endo Schmiet!!

I mean this whole Endo diet is a bloody mind field. I have r ad am the books, watched the countless self proclaimed experts on you tube, tried to find a way to do it via Simmons World, Weight Weight Watchers, Arbonne 30 Days To Healthy Living and do you know what???? None of if has overly worked! Shock horror! And that because I haven’t changed my mind set, or my relationship to food.

That is what need tackling not the Endo diet eating programme I am adopting that month, it’s my brain that needs changing.

So….what’s the point of all this woffell? Well I’m writing this as I want to share with you that maybe your shift to healing your endo symptoms and living a better fuller life starts with your mental attitude and not which healthy eating programme you have pumped your money into this month.




So sack off spending your money on slimming groups and shake powder and invest in therapy, counselling or hypnotherapy (really wanna try this one).

Let me know how you get on below.

Lots of love Bridie xxx

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