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Thank you for being interested in our very exciting Endo Self Love Club (the fabulous name picked by our online community). The Endo Self Love Club is open to any women living anywhere in the world and is a global members only area where you get access to our exclusive pain journals, self love check sheets, videos, meditations, blogs and bundles of printable and worksheets to support your Endometriosis healing journey, and become part of our online global private support group and…loads of other cool self love and Endometriosis healing stuff for just £5 per month!!!


For every six month membership brought we will be giving a free lifetime membership to a women living in poverty anywhere in the world!


We believe that no women should feel like they cant afford to join the Endo Self Love Club or access the latest Endometriosis research, education and support.

Here are a few peeks of the type of bundles of self love and healing goodness you will get access too…

By joining up to the Endo Self Love Club not only do you get exclusive content and support but you are helping educate and empower the wider global Endometriosis community particularly for women living in poverty. Thank you Endo Warrior Queen, you are fabulous!


Are you ready to join one the most kick ass Endometriosis global communities?



Level Price  
Monthly Endo Self Love Club Membership £5.00 per Month. Select
6 Monthly Endo Self Love Club Membership £25.00 every 6 Months. Select

How Are We Rolling Out The Free Lifetime Memberships To Women Living In Poverty?

We are in the process of developing partnerships with other Endometriosis and Womens Health Organisations across the world who will then roll out the memberships to their Endometriosis communities. If you represent one of these awesome organisations please do get in touch via our contact page so we can talk about a possible partnership.


What To Do If You Feel Like You Are A Women Who Cant Afford The Endo Self Love Club Membership Right Now?

Please pop us a quick message over on our contact us page to say you would like a free membership to the Endo Self Love Club as you are facing financial difficulties. You don’t have to tell us why or your situation (unless you want too), we will take your word for it. Just let us know how many months you require for free before your back up and running and will send you the code for receiving free membership for this time. We know all too well what its like to be off work sick, to loose our jobs because we can no longer manage Endo and work and we know that its at these moments when we feel like we need the most support and love.


Love of love and sending healing best wishes


Bridie & The Endo Self Love Team xx



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