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    Shedding Light on Reproductive Health: Understanding Adenomyosis

    U.K. native Kat François, 44, is a reputable performance artist, writer and playwright, best known for her televised appearances on the BBC3 Poetry Slam Championships in 2004 and the World Poetry Slam Championships in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 2005. But despite her accolades and extensive global résumé, we initially found ourselves bonding over our reproductive-health issues.  “A-deno-who?” François recalled asking her doctor when she was diagnosed with adenomyosis almost three years ago. Since starting her menses at 10 years old, she’d become accustomed to painfully long cycles that sometimes stimulated up to 21 pounds of weight loss within days. “I couldn’t enjoy the weight loss because I didn’t even look good. It’s a sick look,” she…


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