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    My Journey With Endo & the Birth of Endo Warrior Queens

    Hi my name is Bridie and I’ve had a long old journey with Endometriosis & Adenomyosis over the years (17 years). This journey has lead me to have 4 operations, 1 trip in an ambulance, 1 induced menopause, countless different hormone treatments and in the most recent years a hysterectomy looming over me. Although there’s no cure (well not yet ladies), a plant based diet, yoga and living from love is what saved me and made me able to live a life free from strong pain killers (I was on morphine for a 18 months!! A whole fricken 18 months!). Now I still have my bad days, no matter how many downward dogs I…

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    Ayurveda Shopping List

    I have created this post (I will keep adding to it), to help you all in your Ayurveda online shopping (I know what a minefield it can be). I have divided them into the three Doshas for ease and created one overarching header for general Ayurveda shopping which will be useful for all. Ayurveda Book Recommendations Kapha Turmeric and Black Pepper organic capsules are good for reducing excess Kapha in the body. They will help with symptoms of Fibromyalgia, aching slow muscles, chronic fatigue, and general all over body pain. Amla Juice is great for increasing the metabolism, getting your Pitta going again and aiding weight loss. Drink first thing in…

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    Ayurveda Diet and Food Combining

    For many, the concept of food combining – the idea that some foods digest well together while others do not – is completely new, and somewhat foreign. In Ayurveda, it is an essential part of understanding how to eat properly, and balance our bodies. Careful food combining can dramatically improve your quality of digestion, support the body in receiving a greater level of nourishment, and positively impact your overall health body and mind. Most people in the modern and particularly Western world are accustomed to eating a number of foods that do not usually digest well together (like fruit with nuts, or beans with cheese). So why does it matter…

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    Ayurveda Lifestyle Love Affair (My Story)

      I fell in love with Ayurveda without even knowing it. My story is one of suffering from a an autoimmune disease called Endometriosis, which later grew into Adenomyosis with bouts of depression thrown in every fews years for good measure. This was the most prominent factor of my daily life from the age of 10-30. Thats 20 years! Depression, feeling lost, feeling lonely in my illness, battling mental chaos, and dealing with extreme and debilitating pain, every day and night. 6 operation, 1 trip in an ambulance, and 6 months on morpheme. I had lost sight of who I truly was and forgot how it felt to enjoy my…

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    Ghee Hole Monday and Sweet Tooth Friday (India what have you done to me!)

    So this trip so far has been beautiful (people, place and animals), revealing, and some times a little…WFT? So in one of my last posts, I gave you an introduction to Ayurveda and I said it was going to get a little more nuts, especially to our Western minds and logic. Lifestyle is absolutely everything! and I cant express this enough, our lifestyles can give us health, clarity of mind, vitality and physical and emotional freedom…but…they can also give us illness, brain fog, pain, unhealthy mental states, anxiety and so on. And I think the majority of us can agree with this. We have been learning about our constitutions (dosha)…


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