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    New Chapter

    So I am sat here in Heathrow airport, ticking off some final todo’s off my list before I fly away for my five week trip to Bali to complete my yoga teacher training course and I feel bloody brilliant! No grey cloud hanging over me, no turbulent relationship waiting for me, no family dramas, health is on the up and I am feeling that I have made some good leaps forward recently. I am drinking my water, and watching the plans take off while surrounded by the sounds of languages from across the world become louder than the crazy loud costa coffee making machine. I love hearing new accents, seeing…

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    Ayurveda Shopping List

    I have created this post (I will keep adding to it), to help you all in your Ayurveda online shopping (I know what a minefield it can be). I have divided them into the three Doshas for ease and created one overarching header for general Ayurveda shopping which will be useful for all. Ayurveda Book Recommendations Kapha Turmeric and Black Pepper organic capsules are good for reducing excess Kapha in the body. They will help with symptoms of Fibromyalgia, aching slow muscles, chronic fatigue, and general all over body pain. Amla Juice is great for increasing the metabolism, getting your Pitta going again and aiding weight loss. Drink first thing in…

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    Top 10 Ayurveda Tips from Me to You

    Its time to be brave and put on your big girl and big boy pants. I know its scary, I have been there and I am still there, but its time to tune into why you are feeling unwell/not in balance/burnt out/run down/ and or suffering from recurring illness (both mind and body). These are my Top 10 Tips I have found through trial and error and by listening to my Ayurvedic teacher (and taking on board what she says). They really can have a huge positive impact on your mind and body. Dont forget 99% of illness stems from our emotions and you have the amazing ability to heal yourself. I believe…

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    Ghee Hole Monday and Sweet Tooth Friday (India what have you done to me!)

    So this trip so far has been beautiful (people, place and animals), revealing, and some times a little…WFT? So in one of my last posts, I gave you an introduction to Ayurveda and I said it was going to get a little more nuts, especially to our Western minds and logic. Lifestyle is absolutely everything! and I cant express this enough, our lifestyles can give us health, clarity of mind, vitality and physical and emotional freedom…but…they can also give us illness, brain fog, pain, unhealthy mental states, anxiety and so on. And I think the majority of us can agree with this. We have been learning about our constitutions (dosha)…

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    Its Bloody Hard!!!

    Date: 21-3-2017 Time of practice: 8:00am What I had eaten: Diddly squat! I am finding that I like to practice on an empty stomach. Mood before: Tired (just woken up 3o mins before hand), but looking forward to the day Mood after: Thoughtful, tired, nervous about the next yoga session 9it was bloody hard!) Endo before: No symptoms apart from fatigue and slight sun headache, but thats to be expected from the jet lag and ALL THE SUNSHINE I AM GETTING 🙂 !! Endo after: Endo fine, but the back twinges I was having while sat on the floor had gone. Neck and shoulders still very sore. Nadi yogaThis morning…

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    Wash Your Sandy Feet 

    What I’m finding out from the first morning: That lifestyle is everything (I mean everything) That you can heal yourself with lifestyle and open up the opportunity to enjoy the freedom this brings You have to stick to your prescribed lifestyle or your just going to get poorly again It’s best to wake early with some yoga and meditation Listen to what your body is telling you Don’t hold your body back from its urges (sneezing, crying, sleeping…) Be a good person and care for your community Find and do your passions and desires in life Earn money to provide for yourself and family Wash your sandy feet Please follow…


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