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    9 Rules For Sleeping Well With Endometriosis

    Like with any chronic disease, endometriosis symptoms can feel much worse when you’re fatigued. Getting quality rest is important — without it, you could experience metabolic and hormonal changes, along with increased inflammation and pain. Winding down before you go to bed is key, as is your bedroom environment. If you get these things right, you’re more likely to have a productive night’s sleep. With help from Endometriosis New Zealand, we’ve put together a list of tips that can help you develop a healthy nighttime routine, and increase the amount of restful and restorative sleep you get each night. 1. Have a set time to sleep and wake up. Going to bed at the same time each night and…

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    Yoga Nidra

    If you’ve experienced the restorative, clarifying benefits of deep sleep or meditation then you’re already familiar with the benefits of Yoga Nidra. It literally means ‘yogic sleep’. During your experiences of the YouTube videos below I advise you to lie in a flat position, make sure your warm and wearing comfortable clothes. You will then be guided through a unique combination of intention setting, breath, and body scanning techniques. The Yoga Nidra experience creates deep relaxation, allowing you to drop from a state of thinking and doing to feeling and being where unconsciously held blocks are released, intentions can be actualised and creativity can be unleashed. I created this YouTube…

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    Goa Yoga and Killer Coffee

    Date: 28-3-2017 & 29-3-2017 Thoughts: Focused on the realisation, that even my old lifestyle in small doses (via coffee, stress, over sleeping, over eating sweet foods, can all make such a quick and drastic negative change so quickly). Diet: Coffee had made its way back in (not my normal 15 ish cups a day) but still I can see a direct link to my pain and fatigue coming back into my life, not to mention the bloating and pain. Drinking water but not enough, and eating curry and Indian porridge, but this is all wrong for my Kapha aggravation, so I am going to put more of an effort in to…


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